How To Know If You’ve Got The Ideal Girlfriend, Courtesy Kollywood

Have you ever asked your gal pals if the woman you’re dating is right for you?

Or, you’ve always wanted to ask for third party validation, but haven’t found the courage to apply for one?

Fear not! I’ve put together an exhaustive list of things that indicate that this girl’s The One, based on Kollywood’s fine and respectable representations.

Are we ready?






1. She’s religious

Well, duh! How can a woman who doesn’t go to a place of worship ever be a nice person?


Guys, she’s The One!
Girls, get your arses to the nearest temple! Why? Coz “nice” boys always go there! C’mon now. Get to work.

2. She wears “desi” or “sanskaari” clothes wonly


Who wouldn’t want to marry such a woman?

3. She luuurves kids…

Submitted with no comments…

4. She puts up with your a-holeness and truly, sincerely believes it’s love

Thamizh kalaachaaram!

5. Anyone else would’ve called it sexual harassment, she understands you’re wooing her

Well what da ya know, telepathy!

6. She tries to fit into your vision of the perfect woman

All. The. Time. Girl doesn’t have an identity without you.


7. She’s all coy around you…

Coz, you da man, yo!

8. She’s dumb as a dustpan

Because otherwise how’re you gonna feel better about yourself?

9. She lets you act cool around her, when you actually want to… should I get there?

She coddles your “I’m too cool for you” shenanigans.
And finally…

10. She celebrates you for fulfilling the basic requirements of a good human being

Aaaand that’s the definitive guide.
If you have one such girl and you think all those filters made perfect sense, don’t let go of her.
Coz not everyone is going to put up with the kind of person you are!
On second thoughts, do her a favour and let her go.
All GIFs created with GIPHY
Videos from good ol’ YouTube
P.S. Did you notice that most of my sources are Nayanthara’s/Danush’s movies? High time I had a talk with them about their choice of roles…

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