Love In The Time of WhatsApp

I’ve never been big on expressing affection. I reserve hugs for people I really, really bond with. PDAs make me wish Invisibility Cloaks were real. Being more-than-just-restrained in expressing your feelings and emotions can really put you in the bad books of a world that won’t stop squealing with delight or hugging and kissing at the drop of a hat. By the time I realized I didn’t quite fit in, I was past caring. I’m glad I have friends who appreciate the difference, rather than loathe it.

But there has to be a twist in every story, right? So here it is: All was well in my beautiful, PDA-banned, non-expressive world. Until WhatsApp.

I was a late entrant into the world of WhatsApp. And now I can’t believe I stayed away from this messaging app for so long! I got in touch with a lot of people. People who hadn’t even bothered to say ‘Hi’ in college sent a “Hey! Welcome to WhatsApp!” when my contact showed up on their list. Looking back, I find that this tiny app has changed how we communicate. I think it won’t be long before people forget the idea of having phone conversations. I can visualize a future world that hugs via WhatsApp. Which brings me to this emoticon on WhatsApp:



Source: Pinterest

Has kissing in the virtual world become all too common now? Or am I stuck up? Because I see almost everyone sending that emoticon to everyone. Good morning texts, Good night texts, birthday wishes are all accompanied by this… this… thing. It’s a standard female-to-female communication etiquette; if you get one, you’re obligated to send it back in reply. That red, pulsating heart emoticon looks rather tame in front of this one.

So yes, WhatsApp has made me break the self-imposed, no-sign-of-affection rule *wails*.
Now there’s a different problem that’s creeped up: My fingers are a tad too fat for the keypad. Or for WhatsApp’s army of emoji. So I often end up sending the wrong emoticon to people. A little too often. And the wrong emoticon is, you guessed it right, that cursed kissing emoticon. The first few times I’d drop my phone in shock. But now I’ve resorted to saying, “Sorry! Wrong emoticon!” with a suitably embarrassed-looking emoticon. Thanks to the growing list of people who send me kisses regularly on WhatsApp, it’s there to stay on my used emoticons history. Boohoo!

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