Feels Like Home


A still from the song. Source: Deccan Chronicle


It’s been a hectic month for me at work and like almost every stressed out soul I turn to music when I feel I’m going to go down on my knees. I started with A R Rahman’s tracks and realised after two days that I tend to focus on the music rather than just use them as a tool to seal all the noise and chatter out. That’s when it occurred to me that I should probably find a quiet place to work. So I chose a tucked away corner in a dimly-lit room and started to type. The solitude only emphasised the beautiful, beautiful music that only ARR can come up with.

After being suitably distracted for about a half an hour or so I decided I’ll go for less lethal music and logged into saavn.com and clicked ‘Surprise Me!’. And boy did they surprise me!

I turn to Saavn for benign, good-to-drown-out-the-noise, not-at-all-distracting songs because they always come up with the most boring choices for Tamil music. But that day was different. Among a collection of beautiful melodies, was Po Indru Neeyaga. I don’t remember what the other songs were, except that they were all my favourites. The moment my eyes spotted the song in the playlist, everything around faded away. I hit play and put it on repeat mode. I knew I was going to get my work done. Finally. Not because this is a boring song. It helped me work because it put me at ease. Yes. You read that right. This song always does. I was suffering from a severe case of writer’s block and a technical writer can simply not use that as his/her defense for not meeting deadlines. So here I was, three days into the ailment and hitting the delete button more often than I should. And all I could do was internally wail and weep.

Until this song started playing…

The guitar notes at the beginning, much like the insistent drizzle that falls before a full-on downpour, the piano (I think.. I’m no music expert!) that follows, much like the cool breeze that starts to blow along with the pitter patter of raindrops, uniting into a melody, and then the rest of the song follows, much like the pleasant spray of raindrops on you as a result of the wind blowing. That’s right. The song reminds me of the monsoon season. My favourite season.

This song will probably take you some getting used to, but I love how it is so unhurried and laid back, just like Chennai’s rains (ha ha!). In fact, everything about this song is just that – serene and laid back. Even the lead singer’s voice has a lazy drawl (spoiler alert for those of you who’ve never heard the song: Danush is the lead singer!). Oh and special mention for the backing vocalists: they add so much depth and beauty to the song!

The song is playful and yet the lyrics lend a touch of intensity to it. It gives you the same feeling you would get when you wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket on a Friday night, knowing you have the weekend to yourself. Or, that feeling you get when you sit on the terrace and gaze at the stars, feeling like the night will last forever, because for once you’re being mindful and you’re living in the present. Or that strange sense of contentment you get after a long conversation with someone you care for.

This song goes down on my list of ‘Comforting Things To Turn To When Stressed Out Or Feeling Low’, along with eating everything chocolate. And a copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And sleep. But I digress…

In no time, I was typing. Yaey! No instances of hitting the ‘delete’ key!! Score!!!

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