The Tall and Short of It

“You’re too tall!”, she told me in a rather indignant tone. Like my height offended her or something.

Err…. Was I supposed to apologise? She was probably an inch shorter than me. And that seemed to make all the difference! Ha ha ha! I had no idea what to do. I simply didn’t get it. 1.68 m ain’t such a bad thing! I had joined work only then, and this was one of the many comments my height had started drawing from a bunch of colleagues in my former workplace. Here are some more, for your amusement:
“You shouldn’t wear heels… You’ll look taller!”
“Why are you buying heels? (offended tone again. And I was just admiring this rather beautiful pair of black stilettos.) You are tall already!”
“You shouldn’t wear capris… They don’t look good on tall people.”
“Your parents are going to have a tough time finding a groom for you.” 
“Your height is the ideal height for a guy and not for a girl.” (I got that from a guy).
“You probably look thin because of your height. If you were my height, you’ll be obese.” 
I learnt that, as is the expectation in any other respect, the Indian female cannot afford to be above average, even height-wise!
Some people who are not your height will keep commenting on it. They obsess about it! What you take for granted, will be something they want to talk about every time they bump into you. It’s like the missing tile they never knew existed until they met you. And somehow telling you that your height is your undoing seems to make them feel better about themselves. I had never given my height a thought until these people started talking about it. Funny, ain’t it?
Coming to think of it, I am not ashamed of my height. It’s what I am! If you’re tall, great! You get to experiment with your wardrobe, and you can never go wrong 99.9% of the time (unless Bappi Lahiri is your fashion icon). You can go to concerts and not lose sight of the stage. People look up to you (pun intended).  Heck, you intimidate men!
In conclusion, if you are labelled “too tall”, don’t you break your head about it!
Take heart in the fact that you won’t get lost in the folds of flowy dresses!
GIFs flicked from The Gif Hunter.
And no, I am not equating myself with Deepika Padukone. I used her GIFs because she was probably told at some point of time that she’s slender only because of her height and that she’d be obese if she were short. 😛


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